Desktop Dye Ink



Product Features:

High quality of printing properties(excellent in color gamut, resolution, levels, Permeability)

Excellent printing fluency and stability (light resistance, storage stability), for a Long time print head durability.

The appropriate viscosity, PH value, conductivity and surface tension, color See slight penetration drying time off

No chemical reaction with a variety of accessories, odorless, environmentally safe.


Suitable for different types of Carbon, Photo Paper, films etc

Application examples of desktop printing dye ink:

Family Expenses Examples:

Note: used for homework, Daily Documentation, photo printing etc, excellent in color gamut, resolution, vivid color

Business Application Examples:

Note: used for printing Documents, Color documents, photo printing etc, excellent in printing fluency and stability for print-head after long time printing.

Particular Examples:

Note: used for medical film, film plate making, roll, PP and so many substrates