As the subsidiary of INKBANC GROUP LIMITED (hereafter called INKBANK as short), Shenzhen INKBANK Graphic Technology Co., Ltd and Shenzhen IOO℃ Digital Consumables Co., Ltd, have R&D and production base over 20,000.㎡,  located in Shenzhen, China. Professional R&D and producing inkjet ink over 10 years, and manufacturing digital textile machine for 1 year,INKBANK has been providing premium quality textile printer and inkjet ink for digital textile printing industry, OA industry, AD printing industry, digital printing industry, imaging printing industry, digital domestic decoration industry with INKBANK and  IOO℃ brand,

Serious Always is INKBANK’s constant goal. With main raw materials, R&D technology and equipments are imported from Germany, INKBANK is the leading supplier of inkjet ink,inkjet printer and inkjet printing applications solution in China and also the China national hitech enterprise. Devotion makes INKBANK more professional. INKBANK develops special ink and printer according to different print head characters and also trys to provide premium, eco-friendly products for every customer.

Since its foundation, INKBANK has been strictly following the world-class enterprises standard. From product R&D to shipping and services, INKBANK has strict quality control to provide stable quality products and services, even launch new competitive products and create new applications for customers

About us

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